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Thinking about ecommerce remarketing lists

Remarketing. REALLY thinking about remarketing. Is actually quite fun.

The angle we are going to discuss here relates to the effective segmentation of those visitors with a higher propensity to purchase. You can of course use the ‘All Visitors’ pot if you like, but we like most analytics enthusiasts find the hunt for usable data insights rewarding.

Take a long-range view

Finding usable patterns in small pockets of data isn’t always easy. We would recommend using a broader range – 6, 12 months. If you need to use less, it isn’t a problem.

Segment by ‘transactions’

We are trying to find behavioral patterns in the visitors that completed a transaction, so it makes sense to group them and see what they have been up to.

remarketing transactions segmentation

Look for big clues

You will need to put your detective hat on and pivot through data, but you are sure to find usable variables. If you don’t find anything you can use for remarketing purposes you will at least have a better purchase profile in your head; which is massively important from a visualisation perspective.

remarketing session duration

In this example it became very obvious that keeping the visitor on the site for over a minute was a clear priority.

Create the list

Create lists based on these findings, either on their own or combine two or more to make highly targeted lists. Your site traffic will determine the level of granularity you adopt, too much might mean very few impressions.

remarketing define audience

More than a remarketing activity

As with most aspects of search; what you learn one day frequently helps shape your strategy for the future. Take this example. Knowing that time on site is crucial for transactions we could potentially assign scores to landing pages based on bounce rate and entrances then formulate a CRO/content strategy aimed at increasing overall site stickiness.

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